Hi! I'm Yoli, a content creator and artist! Thank you for considering me as a Canva Creator!

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Please direct all business inquiries to my e-mail and I can send you more info about me, as well as my media kit!

About Me

My name is Yoli and I'm a 23 year old, Chinese/Taiwanese-American streamer on Twitch! I currently stream Genshin Impact and aim to raise money for various causes! I also play League of Legends!Outside of streaming, I work full time as a software engineer and make/draw stream assets for Etsy.

My Art

When I first started out with streaming, I was lucky to be able to design all of my own assets (panels, scenes, overlays), but I know this isn't an option for everyone! That's why I want to be a Canva Creator, to help create templates for others (streamer or not).Premade or custom Twitch assets are available through my Etsy and Ko-fi (links below)! I also take commissions via Fiverr.All of the artwork displayed here was made in Canva Pro.

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